Our academic program uses a distinctive approach to teaching that is geared to each discipline, advanced coursework, high standards,
and thoughtful feedback that in the hands of expert instructors to shape students into exceptional thinkers, accomplished scholars, and engaged citizens. 
Below is the IGS curriculum for Junior Secondary School (JSS) as formulated by NERDC (Nigeria Educational Research and Development Council)

Social Studies
# Subject Notes
1 English Studies Includes Literature in English
2 General Mathematics Fundamental discipline for science and technological development
Important for everyday life.
3 Basic Science Climate change is part of Basic Science Theme
Disaster Risk Reduction Education and Consumer Education
4 Basic Technology Computers and Internet Services
5 Christian Religious Studies (CRS) Themes in the Religion
6 Civic Education Themes in National Values
7 Social Studies Fundamentals, Family, Culture & Social Values
Social And Health Issues
8 Financial Accounting Optional Business Studies subject.
9 Agriculture Science Concept And Medium Of Agricultural Production
10 Home Economics Family Living And Resource Management
Clothing And Textile, Home Management
Food And Nutrition
11 Business Studies Overview Of Business Studies
Effective Office Practice
Commerce – The Heart Of Business
12 French Language Nigeria’s second Official Language
Nigeria is surrounded by Francophone countries
The study of French language will make our children more competitive at the global level
13 Physical & Health Education Basic Human Movement, Sports And Games
Health Education