Vision & Mission

Ibadan Grammar School is a co-ed Anglican high school open to students of all backgrounds and faiths. The school was founded on March 31st 1913 on a historical day in Ibadan by Bishop Alexander Babatunde Akinyele. It was the first secondary school for Ibadan. At the heart and soul of Ibadan Grammar School is a commitment to developing the fullest potential of every student in learning, faith, and leadership. We actively seek students and families who value all three.

We prepare our students for elite colleges and universities nationally and internationally thanks to an exceptional teaching staff advocates for the success and achievement of all students.

We cultivate leaders in and out of the classroom. Ibadan Grammar School students participate in dozens of social, extra-curricular, immersion service and sporting clubs that strengthen their high school experience and build self-confidence. The co-ed environment allows male and female students to learn to collaborate, each bringing their style to bear in working for common goals.

The School is affiliated with the Ibadan Anglican Church. During the school’s formative years, it was patronised by many of Ibadan’s educated elites who sent their children there for schooling. In the first 31 years of its establishment, the school only accepted male students, It officially became co-ed in 1941. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Higher School Certificate was awarded to students who completed sixth form.

It is the mission of Ibadan Grammar School to graduate tomorrow’s leaders in a community that is accessible, diverse and committed to pursuing the fullest potential of every student.


The Ibadan Grammar School staff, teachers, parents, alumni, community groups, and agencies form collaborative, networking relationships that are student-centered and focused on providing the necessary support for all students to succeed in the school.

Teachers are caring and qualified professionals committed to working collaboratively to maximize student potential by upholding rigorous standards and incorporating best practices.

Education is a gradual process of acquiring knowledge, faith, skills, and character while implanting a will and curiosity for learning. This is accomplished by addressing the unique abilities of all students in a college preparatory environment so they continue to learn and live in a global society.

Parents reflect Family and model Christian values. They are involved, supportive, and committed to creating a school that is accessible to all.

Students form a diverse, respectful, and active school community. They demonstrate leadership through their work ethic, service, the pursuit of knowledge, school spirit, and commitment to spiritual growth.

Partnering with Alumni is crucial for us. They have huge experience of the outside world and are aware of what they had gone through at IGS. They know the standard the school should maintain to remain capable of achieving its goals and objectives. We view them as a major stakeholder.


The Ibadan Grammar School 2020 Vision Strategic Plan was completed with one thing in mind – establish a clear direction for the school through the year 2020. Vision 2020 was adopted by the IGS Old Students Body and Advisory Board with support for these specific goals:

Goal One
Serve as a model in our commitment to the Anglican identity and the spiritual formation of the entire Ibadan Grammar School community.

Goal Two
Provide a provocative educational relationship that challenges the fullest potential of every Ibadan Grammar School Student.

Goal Three
Make IGS a Center of excellence in Science Education in Nigeria

Goal Four
Take the school back from the government. Refine the governance and leadership structure of the school.

Goal Five
Cultivate a robust, dynamic, and globally diverse student population.

Goal Six
Develop a Master Plan for future development of the campus facilities and grounds