Mr. Ajani Oyeade Francis
Birth: Born April 9, 1960

Attend Saint Paul’s Primary School, Yemetu between 1967 – 1972. I got admitted to Ibadan Grammar School in January, 1973. It was during our set that the government policy changed the school system from January to December then January – September and later from September to June. I attended Saint Andrew’s College Oyo in which my set was the last set of NCE holders who went for Youth Service. After service, I was given appointment by Central School Board in 1985 to Renascent High School, Aremo/Agugu, Ibadan.

In 1989, I further my education to University of Nigeria, Nsukka where I bagged B.Sc. Ed, Human Kinetics.

In 2006, I was appointed as a Director of Teaching Service Commission of Oyo State a position I held till 2014. Currently am the present principal of Ibadan Grammar School Senior. I am a member of Fountain of Hope International and The Life Patron of the Royal Shepherd.
I am happily married with children.

Junior School Principal
Mr. Jinadu Samuel

Qualification :B. Ed. Hons History 1983 (University of Jos)
Date of Birth : 21st October 1961
Date posted to Grammar school: 1st May, 2015