Why IGS?

Established in 1913 by then Rev. Alexander Babatunde Akinyele, who later became the first Bishop of the Ibadan Diocese, Ibadan Grammar school is one of the best public schools that ever came out of the entire South-west. Our School is a real heritage of Ibadanland.

A Strong Foundation

We have a solid heritage and continue to build on the strong christian foundation laid by Bishop A. B. Akinyele. We are an Ibadan School with a cosmopolitan population.

Academic Excellence

A grammar school that is strong not only in the Arts and Sciences, but also in the athletic world. We are a center of excellence in Education in Ibadan.

Strong Alumni

IGS has produced notable figures in the country. The old students have furnished the school with enviable facilities such as a 100 student capacity Physics lab donated by IGSOSA North America, Emmanuel Alayande Hall and Mike Adenuga ICT Center.

Our Best Subjects

Our objective is to be the center of excellence in Science education in Nigeria.



University Ready. Career Ready. Life Ready.

We are here to help you succeed!

With a commitment to academic excellence and personal integrity, IGS prepares a diverse community of young boys and girls for the lifelong transformation of self and the world with purpose, passion and perspective.

High Standards

Empowering our students

Responsible Citizenship

We believe in the strength, intellect and vitality of our students

Charging our students to meet the demands of academic excellence and responsible citizenship in a changing world, we teach that diverse points of view fuel inquiry, engagement and deeper understandings of complex truths.